Organising your Home

If your home is organised, life is good!

Organising Your Home


Do you go into panic mode when unexpected guests arrive?
Do you have a room that’s used as a dumping ground?
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use that craft room or have a room for the guests to stay?

What is an Organised Home?

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place for you to be surrounded by fond memories of experiences in your life.

If your home is organised, it is:

  • a representation of who you were and what you’ve become
  • a place where living and entertaining family and friends can be easy and joyful
  • an environment where everything has a place

What We Offer

We offer a personalized service which can include:

  • A full house declutter including sorting of items and removal of unwanted items
  • Single room declutter including sorting of items and removal of unwanted items
  • Advice on colour schemes, storage ideas and décor


How to arrange a consultation

Consultation can be arranged by phone or via our contact form and will be followed up with a meeting to discuss your needs, time frame and suitability of organiser for the job. With the initial consultation a travel fee may apply.

Home owner expectations


  • Need to be in attendance on the day
  • Provide a safe environment to work in
  • Be 100% onboard

What’s included in the job

    • up to 30 mins meeting plus a walk around
    • Give direction and help sort
    • Motivate and give support
    • Help pack, clean and can discard unwanted items
    • Give advice on furniture placement and storage ideas
    • Take premium care of your home while respecting your privacy

    Job details


    • Deposit required within 24 hours of accepting the quote
    • Cancellation within 24 hours will result in loss of deposit
    • Hire of skip bins and removal of rubbish are an added cost
    • 10% discount on next service, when re-booked on the day
    • Packages and gift vouchers available
    • Travel and accommodation costs may apply depending on location

    “You’re the boss of clutter, not the other way around.” ― Monika Kristofferson

    Need the help of an Organising Consultant
    in the Redlands area in Brisbane,  
    to help you achieve a super organised home?