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Everyone has stuff! It’s just the amount that varies.

Some people harbour feelings of embarrassment due to their stuff. So not all clients like photos of their lives revealed to the outside world, and it is our responsibility to respect their privacy.

So here is a small sample of before and afters that CLARITY has had the honour of being a part of.

Wardrobe Makeover

Dianne achieved what seemed like a miracle for me. My bedroom was a mess filled with clutter. She came into my home and stayed for several hours, guiding and supporting me and working very hard cleaning and organising at the same time.

She was so sensible and very kind. Not only did we achieve a relaxing and welcoming bedroom at the end of our time together but she took away all the unnecessary clutter and the things I was donating so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I would most definitely recommend her.

– Donna

Wardrobe Makeover – Before

Wardrobe Makeover – After

Office Makeover

“After numerous comments from my partner about the office work that had taken over our kitchen table (which we could no longer eat at), I decided to give Di a call.

My office had turned into a junk room, which apparently is very common, I later found out. I struggled to open my door, let alone see my desk or the floor. Looking at my stuff, I felt defeated before I even started, but with Di’s support and motivation we managed to reclaim my space.

I found 18 months worth of unopened mail, gifts for family I’d bought and misplaced, brand new clothes with the tags still on and lots of things that didn’t belong there. But in a day we had it decluttered and sorted!

It was such a good feeling to sit at my desk the next morning with the sun shining through the window and my partner was so happy to have a meal with the family at our table again. It didn’t stop there –  we even cleaned out my car and you’d be surprised what we found in there!

I am very grateful to Dianne for starting me on my organising journey. I can really recommend her services.”

Julie ,  Birkdale QLD

Office Makeover – Before

Office Makeover – After

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